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If you experienced the benefits of a massage therapy, did it ever occur to you to make it part of your health and wellness routine?

Those who have done so discovered that a regular massage therapy has more benefits than you can ever imagine.

In our previous post, we talked about the positive impact of a weekly massage to a person’s health. It doesn’t only relieve muscle tension but it reduces the production of the “stress cells” in your body.


But this is what you have to know.


Going to a spa center alone is not enough to have the best massage therapy experience. Before getting inside a spa, you must first ensure that the person to give you a therapy is a licensed masseuse or masseur.

“What’s the difference?” you might ask. That is what we’re going to talk about in today’s article. We’ll focus on the difference of a licensed massage therapist from one who is not and why you should always look for the former.


Singapore rules on massage establishments

Photo from the Singapore Police Force

The Singapore Police Force implements a strict rule for massage establishments that at least 80% of masseuses should have the required certification recognised by the Licensing Officer.

Those who are untrained and unlicensed can be registered as trainees but they must obtain a license for this profession within six months from the date of first registration.

This means that even the government believes that a massage therapist should be licensed to be competent. Here are the things that set a licensed massage therapist from one who is not.


Most Relaxing Environment for the Client

A licensed massage therapist knows how to create a great first impression that lasts until you leave the room.

He or she is not only educated about stress, pressure, tension, and massage techniques but also on how to create a perfect environment for the client.


Professional and Ethical Practices

When a person takes a course to be a licensed massage therapist in Singapore or in any part of the world, he studies about the professional and ethical practices in doing a massage.

These practices cover the manner of physical contact and verbal communication that governs the way a therapist should deal with a client. A licensed therapist knows that he cannot violate these professional and ethical standards if he does not want to lose his hard-earned license.


Hear this out.


You are most protected from abuse if you hire a licensed massage therapist who carefully studied the ethical way of handling clients. They carry a responsibility under their license and they have to  observe these responsibilities to remain licensed.

Therefore, you’ll feel safe even when you let this pro enter your property to give you a home massage.


Knowledge of the Effects, Expectations, and Side Effects of a Massage

There is a certification for general massage therapy but there are separate certifications for different types of massage like hot stone, Swedish, Thai, or shiatsu therapy.

When you hire a licensed masseur or masseuse for these different massage therapies, rest assured that they know every stroke they need to apply to your specific condition or musculoskeletal composition. They can advise you of the type of massage that you need in order to alleviate the issues you might have.


Know this.


Licensed therapists have mastered the ins and outs of these massage therapies so you’re sure to receive the relaxation that you need when you hire them. In fact, our licensed massage therapists  here know the side effects of the different massage techniques so they can educate our clients about what to expect.

Should your body show any unwanted reactions, our licensed masseuses and masseurs are competent to deal with these reactions.


Before we let you go

Everyone expects a relaxed and relieved physical state when he goes to a spa center, but it is your sole responsibility to check the certifications and licenses of the establishment you are going through.

A piece of advice that we can leave you is to always make sure that you’re going to a licensed spa that employs only certified massage therapists. By doing this, you’ll be sure that you’ll get what you come for.

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