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Before writing this post, we made a quick research about the top health benefits of getting a massage according to Google. Some of them include:

  • headache and pain relief
  • anxiety reduction
  • sleep pattern improvement
  • sports injury elimination

We were even surprised by an article published by the Reader’s Digest that a massage therapy also beats the effects of premenstrual syndrome!

Most of us have an idea about the benefits of getting a massage, but we don’t seriously consider inserting them in our monthly schedule. Some experts advise that you can maintain your muscles in good shape by getting a massage once a week, but that simply is not too easy to do.

So in this post, we will convince you that a massage therapy should be written across the face of each month in your planner. Here are the reasons why.


To regain good posture

Some of us can’t connect the dots between a massage therapy and good posture. But studies reveal that a refined posture is a direct effect of getting a massage. This body therapy is known to cause realignment of the bones and muscles into their proper position. With this proper realignment, you can expect a proper posture after getting a massage.

Whether or not you’re a physically active person, it’s best to keep your bones and muscles in proper realignment every month by getting an on-site or home massage.


To reduce the “stress hormones”

Ever wondered why you feel so light and relaxed after getting a massage? Well, it’s not only psychological. Something changes in your cells after getting a massage therapy. That is, the stress hormones in your body decreases. With a decreased level of stress hormones after getting a massage, expect a lighter vibe and a more relaxed state of mind.


To improve nutrient absorption

We know that a trip to the massage clinic soothes swollen muscles because a therapy eliminates muscle tension. Our daily activities often results to muscle overwork or bad posture which all lead to muscle tension.

If you get a massage at least once a month, not only will you eliminate muscle tension in your body but you will also help these locked muscles absorb more nutrients. A massage therapy will clear the passage of oxygen and nutrients to the swollen muscles, leading to better nutrient absorption.


To clear your mind at least once a month 

Finally, getting a massage requires you to lie on the cushion, leave your phone behind, and just focus on the relaxing strokes of the therapist’s hands. When you lie on the massage bed, you are forced to stop communicating with the world and start connecting with your soul. This is the perfect time to clear your mind from all the worries that you have and to simply appreciate the good things happening in your life. These priceless moments are what you need at least once a month to have a balanced life despite your very hectic schedule. This is your time to pause, to reflect, and to calm down.

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